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News & Media Update for March 1, 2015
Posted On: Mar 01, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,Magazines and Media,News Update,Smackdown!,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

WrestleMania 31 is set! There’s going to be heights to ascend in San Jose as well as falls to take…will Our Hero come out victorious with his Intercontinental Championship?

It would be a good idea if Bad News Barrett could keep the belt itself in physical reach, in the meantime —

SmackDown Results from February 26th, 2015

Atlanta, GA —The Road to WrestleMania headed into overdrive on Thursday’s hottest show, with three Superstars playing capture the Intercontinental Title, another poking a stick at The Demon of Death Valley and six more battling in an explosive WWE Fastlane Six-Man Tag Team rematch!

Daniel Bryan kicked off SmackDown, reflecting on the fact that, after losing to Roman Reigns at WWE Fastlane, he will not be fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania. But before he could continue, Bad News Barrett interrupted, addressing Bryan with much disdain, taking issue with Dean Ambrose stealing his Intercontinental Title and ordering WWE’s “Yes!” Man out of “his” ring.

It wasn’t long before The Lunatic Fringe joined the fray, though, lighting the fuse on a brawl between him and his English adversary. In the end, it was a combined attack from Ambrose and Bryan that created some very bad — and painful — news for Mr. Barrett.

Daniel Bryan def. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett

Following an altercation earlier in the night with Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett took on The Beard — with R-Truth joining the SmackDown announce team and eyeing the titleholder’s reclaimed Intercontinental Championship. In fact, it wasn’t long before Truth tip-toed his way over to the ring and stole the title once again.

In the contest’s final moments, Barrett looked ready to hit the Bull Hammer elbow, but at the last second, Bryan countered with a Running Knee out of nowhere and picked up the three-count. With that defeat, Barrett had lost three matches in a row:Truth on last week’s SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler on Raw and now Bryan!

Later, R-Truth returned the stolen title to Dean Ambrose.


In most recent news, Bad News Barrett had an engaging interview with The Pain Clinic to promote WWE’s show in Rochester. Listen to the interview in its entirety here!

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RAW Results for February 23, 2015
Posted On: Feb 23, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Nashville, TN – The good news, more or less, for Bad News Barrett is that he’s still technically the Intercontinental Champion. That’s a silver lining that’s hard to catch, though, since Dean Ambrose absconded with the Brit’s title after being disqualified out of his questionably legal challenge at WWE Fastlane. Being filched left Barrett with a less than sunny disposition, one that didn’t exactly endear longtime foe Dolph Ziggler to him during a non-title match on Raw.


Dolph Ziggler def. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett in a Non-Title Match

With R-Truth on commentary to demand the WWE Universe #GiveTruthAChance for a title opportunity off his win on SmackDown, Barrett dismantled The Showoff with clubbing blows from his fists and feet in equal measure. A reversal of Wasteland into a DDT gave Ziggler some space, and Barrett was right there to catch him with the Winds of Change off a ping-ponging sprint between the tables. Barrett was unable to connect with the Bull Hammer elbow, however, as Ziggler rammed him into the turnbuckle and pounced with the Zig Zag for the win. Ambrose materialized moments later with the Intercontinental Title in hand and trash talk spewing from his mouth. Barrett, of course, was in no position to throw down with “The Lunatic Champion.” Ziggler, however, seemed interested…

This sets up some interesting theories for possible WrestleMania 31 matches for the Intercontinental Championship!

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WWE Fastlane Results & Media for February 23, 2015
Posted On: Feb 23, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,News Update,Pay-Per-View,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Some slick work went down at the Fed-Ex Forum in Memphis tonight –

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dean Ambrose will have to wait to see his face up on WWE World Headquarters’ wall of champions, but he was able to walk out of WWE Fastlane with the Intercontinental Title. The Lunatic Fringe may have lost his match against Bad News Barrett by disqualification, but when the unstable Ambrose wants something, you better believe he is going to take it, whether or not it’s rightfully his.

The bout contained no shortage of action as both the British brawler and his unstable challenger traded heavyweight strikes. The contest moved inside and outside the ring with both men showing a remarkable ability to bounce back from damaging blows. However, the title holder seemed to grow tired of facing his opponent’s relentless attack, at one point even trying to walk off with his championship.

Barrett would go a step further when he tried to escape into the WWE Universe before Ambrose grabbed his adversary and pulled him back into action. Unfortunately for The Lunatic Fringe, his unrelenting assault would have its consequences as the referee disqualified the challenger after he refused to stop his attack on Barrett in the corner.

Although the Intercontinental Champion would retain his title with the disqualification victory, Ambrose would get the last laugh. The wild Superstar enlisted a post-match attack on Barrett, hitting the British Superstar with Dirty Deeds before walking off with the Intercontinental Title.

Barrett technically came away with the Intercontinental Championship, but it doesn’t look like he will be able to wear it around his waist any time soon. With Ambrose walking out of Memphis with the Intercontinental Title in tow, what is next for these growing rivals? And how will Bad News Barrett react after having his coveted title taken from him?


Bad News Barrett has made his intentions clear on the Road to WrestleMania as he continues his open challenge to Manchester U player Wayne Rooney –

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News & Media Update for February 19, 2015
Posted On: Feb 19, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,Magazines and Media,News Update,Smackdown!,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Is the crossover match of the century on the way…and did it start over Twitter banter? Bad News Barrett is never one to let a comment pass by, and Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney found that out after the Intercontinental Champ started a war of words –

After forward Wayne Rooney’s controversial play sealed a FA Cup victory for Manchester United against Preston North End FC Monday, WWE’s resident PNEFC fan Bad News Barrett offered some choices words on Twitter to the Man U captain.

Rooney won a penalty in the goal box in the 88th minute, earning a penalty kick in a tight game. The 29-year-old forward converted on the penalty to end a near eight-week goal drought, ensuring Manchester United’s 3-1 victory.

Barrett didn’t waste time sending a warning to Rooney for his supposed “dive” that knocked Preston North End from the FA Cup on Twitter Tuesday.

Rooney responded to BNB shortly after, even getting PNE striker Kevin Davies and WWE Legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in on the banter. As Rooney seems eager to step into the ring, perhaps an actual match-up at WrestleMania isn’t such an unimaginable event!

Barrett spoke with The Josh Podcast earlier today about his comments and a possible Rooney vs. BNB match in the near future. Listen to the interview here!


In other news, WWE Fastlane is rapidly approaching, and the contract “signed” by BNB that solidified the Intercontinental Championship match this Sunday with contender Dean Ambrose appears to be iron-clad. Not to be undone, Barrett would have words with the contender (Ambrose sat at ringside for commentary) during a non-title match with R-Truth on SmackDown –


Dean Ambrose joined the SmackDown announce team for Bad News Barrett’s non-title match against R-Truth and his presence at ringside clearly disrupted his upcoming WWE Fastlane opponent.

During the contest, The Lunatic Fringe turned his back on the action inside the ring. This served to further infuriate the Intercontinental Champion and allowed the rapping Superstar to roll up the British brawler for the upset victory.

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News and Media Update for February 17, 2015
Posted On: Feb 17, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,Magazines and Media,News Update,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Bad News Barrett is back from the WWE’s tour of Abu Dhabi and has run into his own course of bad news! Before recapping Ambrose’s contract signing under duress, here’s a quick look at BNB’s run through the Middle East this past week –


On RAW this past Monday, an already-demented Dean Ambrose became even more desperate for BNB to sign the Intercontinental Championship match contract for WWE Fastlane in Memphis this Sunday. Ambrose faced BNB at the close of the champ’s match with Damien Mizdow –

Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett def. Damien Mizdow –
The Miz has already made it his mission to knock Damien Mizdow down a few notches the last couple of weeks. This time, the former WWE Champion just decided to use a Bull Hammer to do the job for him. Poor Mizdow didn’t stand a chance against Bad News Barrett, who accepted an offer from The Miz to dole out some punishment to his protégé in exchange for Miz running interference from Dean Ambrose. Despite a solid effort from a game Mizdow, Miz kept stopping his personal assistant short with outrageous demands. With Mizdow oblivious to Barrett’s recovery, the Brit sprang with a Bull Hammer and took him down for the count.

Less game was Miz, who ran scared at the first sign of The Lunatic Fringe and allowed Barrett to get himself ensnared by the would-be No. 1 contender. Would-be, that is, for only a few minutes longer, as Ambrose zip-tied Barrett’s hands around the ring post and forced him to sign the contract that makes their title match official.


BNB continues to make media rounds as WWE goes on tour. Recently The National of the UAE sat down with Barrett while on tour in Abu Dhabi for an interview –

How have you enjoyed the events in Abu Dhabi?

“It has been a lot of fun. It is my first time out here in the Middle East. I had never been out here before. My body clock is all messed up. I don’t know whether I am ready for bed or wide-awake right now, but it has been a great time out here. The crowds have been awesome, the fans out here have seemed to be really positive and seem to be really loving WWE so it has been a lot of fun coming out of here.”

Some wrestlers have been known to be frustrated when they get cheered as a bad guy, but you have been comfortably the most popular bad guy with Abu Dhabi crowds. What was your reaction to get cheered as well as the inevitable boos from the audience?

“I have always said I don’t care if I am cheered or booed. I tend to be booed because of my personality and character but as long as I am getting a reaction I am happy and I have had a really good reaction both nights from the fans. I think there must be a lot of British expats out here and I think that was one of the reasons I was getting cheered.”

Check out the article in its entirety here!

In news that’s worthy of a BNZ segment, BNB appeared on this past Sunday’s episode of Total Divas as his ex-girlfriend Alicia Fox confronted him over past heartbreak –

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The UAE National Speaks to Bad News Barrett

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