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Wade Barrett
Name: Wade Barrett
Birthday: August 10, 1980
Ring Names: Bad News Barrett, Wade Barrett, Stu Bennett, Stu Sanders, Lawrence Knight
Short Biography: Stuart Alexander "Stu" Bennett is an English professional wrestler, signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (under the SmackDown brand) as Wade Barrett and is a five-time WWE Intercontinental Champion as well as 2015 King of the Ring. After honing his skills in Florida Championship Wrestling, Wade Barrett went on to win Season One of WWE NXT in May 2010. Barrett rose to power, notoriety, and dominance as the founding leader of the Nexus for the latter half of 2010 and from early to mid-2011 formed (and later disbanded) another alliance, the Corre, during his first reign as WWE Intercontinental champion. The latter part of 2011 saw the Barrett Barrage propel the English superstar to his greatest height thus far as a single competitor. (Continued)
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RAW Results – June 29, 2015
Posted On: Jun 29, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Digital Photos,Merchandise,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Every citizen of the WWE’s highest ring monarchy must check out the excellent new apparel on WWEShop that’s very much fit for a king!

RAW Results for June 29, 2015
Washington, DC – During the Revolutionary War, the United States rose up to overthrow the rule of the British crown. That is not what happened in Washington, D.C. when King Barrett, fresh off a decree that all opponents must “pay homage,” squared off against patriotism made flesh, Jack Swagger.


King Barrett def. Jack Swagger

Unfortunately, in what turned out to be a debilitating defeat for The Real American, Swagger’s gutsy effort was cut short by the Englishman, and the former World Heavyweight Champion felled by the Bull Hammer for the three count. Bow down.

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RAW Results for June 22, 2015
Posted On: Jun 22, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Digital Photos,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Indianapolis, IN – With R-Truth, aka “King What’s Up,” laying claim to King Barrett’s divine right, the brawling Brit needed a win to give him some momentum in this developing War of Two Kings.

King Barrett def. Zack Ryder
Enter Zack Ryder, fresh off a strong showing at NXT alongside Mojo Rawley and looking for a fight. Unfortunately for The Ultimate Broski, King Barrett was way more hyped than he. Even though Ryder got in position for, potentially, another 450 Splash, His Grace tripped Ryder up on the ropes and lit him up with the Bull Hammer for three.


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RAW Results from June 15 and Money in the Bank 2015 Results
Posted On: Jun 15, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Digital Photos,Pay-Per-View,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

The festivities before WWE’s annual Money in the Bank pay-per-view began with King Barrett facing R-Truth in the kickoff show, which can be viewed here in its entirety.


R-Truth def. King Barrett

Columbus, OH – King Barrett’s imperial reign hit an impasse at WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff as R-Truth defeated the kingly Superstar in what many will consider a royal upset.

Before the match, R-Truth proclaimed that by defeating Barrett he would cement himself as the new King of WWE, a claim that Barrett strongly disagreed with while cockily strutting to the ring.

Truth kept Barrett at bay in the early-goings with his illusiveness, before Barrett’s hard-hitting offense finally gave him the upper hand. Barrett wore down his opponent with a barrage of holds, but proved incapable of stopping several spurts of offense from Truth during the latter stages of the match.

Finally though, Barrett connected squarely with a kick to Truth’s gut, leaving him prone for the dreaded Bull Hammer. However, proving to be ever scrappy, Truth evaded not one, but two of the King’s Bull Hammer attempts. A now visibly frustrated Barrett attempted to catch Truth off guard with his signature Winds of Change, but Truth was able to reverse the move into a clever roll-up to pick up the victory.

Following the win, Truth immediately began parading around the ring, declaring himself the new King of the Ring. After promising to make the commentary team members of his new royal court (Michael Cole as the court jester, anyone?), Truth did not hesitate to adorn himself with Barrett’s crown and begin celebrating with it atop his head.

The party was short-lived, however. The King soon came to and confronted R-Truth, who after a few very uncomfortable seconds subsequently threw the crown back to Barrett before scurrying away up the ramp. A royal mess may just be beginning to brew between these two.

King Barrett went on to face R-Truth again the following night on RAW –

R-Truth def. King Barrett
Call it The War of Two Kings: R-Truth beat King Barrett at Money in the Bank Kickoff; ergo, he believes he himself is now king — King What’s Up, to be exact. Perhaps looking to extract some kingly payback against the Superstar who would be king, Barrett got another crack at Truth and His Grace was defeated yet again. The feat was doubly impressive, as Truth initially thought he was on commentary and came to the ring in street clothes and makeshift royal garb, yet managed to win anyway with a schoolboy out of nowhere. At that point, nothing short of The Many-Faced God could save Truth from a royal punishment. Following a Bull Hammer that knocked Truth cold, Barrett denounced the would-be monarch for making a “mockery” of the Brit’s own, hard-won regal title. Boom.


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News and Media Update for June 12, 2015
Posted On: Jun 12, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Digital Photos,Smackdown!,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

King Barrett will face old nemesis R-Truth this Sunday at the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view, and this week’s SmackDown is a big indicator that His Majesty will have to watch out for this jester’s tricks.

WWE SmackDown Results – June 11, 2015


King Barrett def. Jack Swagger

Lafayette, LA – With R-Truth joining SmackDown commentary, King Barrett took on Jack Swagger. In the final moments, the winner of the 2015 King of the Ring Tournament become distracted as Truth decided to try on the royal crown, leaving The Real American free to nearly take off Barrett’s head. But the reigning monarch recovered in a hurry and blasted Swagger with a Bull Hammer Elbow for the victory.

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News & Media Update for June 1st, 2015
Posted On: Jun 01, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Digital Photos,Pay-Per-View,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Elimination Chamber 2015 Results from Corpus Christi, TX –


Ryback def. Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Mark Henry, Sheamus and King Barrett in an Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match

The 2015 King of the Ring winner opened the contest against the final Superstar to reach the ring, Dolph Ziggler. Barrett applied a slow and deliberate pace against the high energy of The Showoff, who tried to end his longtime rival’s night with a quick pinfall in the match’s first minute. The British brawler, making his third Elimination Chamber Match appearance, used his past experience to take control by using his steel-enclosed environment and Ryback’s glass pod to mercilessly damage Ziggler.

Barrett’s knowledge of eccentricities of the Elimination Chamber Match came in handy when R-Truth’s pod was the first to open. Rather than wait for the rapping Superstar to join the contest, Barrett charged inside R-Truth’s pod as soon as it opened and thoroughly attacked the inhabitant of the glass container. With nowhere to run, R-Truth endured a savage attack, and the 2015 King of the Ring remained in control.

Unfortunately for Barrett, his extensive use of the intimidating steel structure would ultimately prove to be his undoing. While standing on the steel grating on the east side of the ring, Barrett whipped R-Truth into Henry’s pod and knocked the glass out of place. The opening was recognized by the referee, who officially acknowledged the moment as Henry’s entry into the match even though it didn’t occur at one of the four-minute intervals where Elimination Chamber Match combatants usually enter the fray.

Henry entered one minute prior to the interval, and Ryback followed him when the buzzer actually sounded. Barrett, now heavily outnumbered, suffered a trio of maneuvers by Ziggler, Ryback and R-Truth that sealed the royal grappler’s fate.

Monday Night Raw Results from San Antonio, TX –


Roman Reigns def. King Barrett

Roman Reigns, faced with an impromptu defense of his Money in the Bank Ladder Match opportunity, preserved his spot in the make-or-break contest by knocking off King Barrett, whom the Authority had matched him against as punishment for aiding Dean Ambrose. It was the second night of, well, bad news for His Majesty, who challenged unsuccessfully for the Intercontinental Championship at Elimination Chamber and seemed hampered by the effects of that match early on against Reigns.

The monarch’s big break came when Reigns collided with the steel stairs on the outside and lost a step of his own in the process. But the Winds of Change and a rake to the eyes still weren’t enough to bring Reigns to a full stop. When Barrett’s match-ending Bull Hammer swung wide, Reigns unleashed the Spear to pin His Grace and keep his contract hopes alive.

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