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Mar 30: RAW TV Taping - San Jose, CA
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News & Media Update for March 24, 2015
Posted On: Mar 23, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,Magazines and Media,News Update,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go…and we know the way to San Jose! Be sure to show up early with us this Thursday at the Axxess Superstore in the McEnery (San Jose) Convention Center and meet Bad News Barrett starting at 12 pm CST!

The rest of Barrett’s Axxess appearances will be as follows –

Saturday, March 28: WrestleMania Travel Package Signing from 11-12:30 at the Sainte Claire Hotel
Saturday, March 28: Superstar Signing from 3-5 pm CST at San Jose Convention Center
Sunday, March 29: Axxess Q&A between 10am-12pm at San Jose Convention Center

The last RAW on the Road to WrestleMania featured Mr. Barrett as an interested spectator over the opponents that will fight him for his title this Sunday –

This train comes to its end destination this Sunday, but will Our Hero be the one to disembark with his hard-fought Intercontinental Title on hand? He’s got as good of a chance as any of the other competitors!

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News & Media Update for March 21, 2015
Posted On: Mar 20, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,Smackdown!,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

The Road to WrestleMania is nearing its final destination! The days ahead are now scheduled for Bad News Barrett‘s appearances for WrestleMania Axxess! As mentioned on the Twitter feed, BNB will be sighing autographs and taking photographs at the WrestleMania Superstore from 12-2 pm on Thursday, March 26th. BNB will also have an autograph and photo session on Saturday, March 28th at the Sainte Claire Hotel for the WrestleMania Travel Package ticket holders from 11:30am-12:30 pm, and then appearing at WrestleMania Axxess for signings from 3 to 5 pm. Barrett will hold an Axxess Q&A session between 10am-12pm on Sunday, March 29th – just hours away from the event! Remember that Axxess will take place at the McEnery San Jose Convention Center, and tickets are still available for all sessions!

Bad News Barrett has been dominating both the ring and the airwaves in the meantime, having made several media appearances earlier this week and having a rather powerful show on this week’s episode of SmackDown!

Check out our Twitter feed for footage of Bad News Barrett‘s appearances across Kansas City, MO this past Tuesday before SmackDown as well as a special treat from MTV UK featuring Bad News Barrett‘s preferred Top Ten Music List!

Speaking of SmackDown, Bad News Barrett was not a part of the Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Gauntlet Match despite watching the action from backstage, but that didn’t stop BNB from making his presence well known at the end of the match!


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RAW Results, Media, and News for March 17, 2015
Posted On: Mar 17, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (for those hooligans of Ireland who continue to be bad news for the English)! Has it been five years since we were blessed with enough luck to take on this task – this labor of love – of copying & pasting only the finest from radio & television media to bring you up to date with Bad News Barrett? Yes, and it’s only getting to be more fun as the years go on! As we celebrate our five year anniversary and look forward to our fifth WrestleMania featuring Our Hero we look back on a night of vengeful redemption for Our Hero on tonight’s episode of RAW –


Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler def. Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett, Luke Harper & Stardust

With Daniel Bryan officially throwing his beard into the ring in the mad dash for the Intercontinental Championship, the seven-man Ladder Match for the storied title has officially become one of the most must-see contests of WrestleMania 31. In advance of the surefire showstopper, six of the competitors involved teamed up for a Six-Man rumble on Raw, while the seventh, R-Truth, took up his now-customary post at the commentary table with the ill-gotten Intercontinental Title clamped onto his back.

A common goal made enemies out of supposed teammates early on. Despite a strong opening, tensions rose quickly between Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & Dean Ambrose, though the three still managed to put their squabbles aside to stop a furious rally by the ne’er-do-well trio of Bad News Barrett, Luke Harper & Stardust. Even though Ziggler accidentally superkicked Bryan on the apron, Ambrose picked up the slack by reversing Barrett’s Bull Hammer into Dirty Deeds for the three. Of course, it wasn’t long before Truth’s deception was uncovered and yet another brawl erupted over the title, the upshot of which was Barrett Bull Hammering everyone in sight and finally getting his Intercontinental Championship back. Good news all around.

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News & Results for March 12, 2015
Posted On: Mar 12, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,News Update,Smackdown!,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

If you’ll be with us in San Jose during WrestleMania Week, check out the WrestleMania Superstore located within the McEnery/San Jose Convention Center. Bad News Barrett will be there on Thursday, March 26th at 12 pm PST for an appearance as the store makes its grand annual opening – be sure to arrive early in order to meet Our Hero; 300 wristbands will be handed out on a “come first, come served” basis!

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown put the focus on the Intercontinental Championship, the WrestleMania Ladder Match, and Bad News Barrett‘s opponents, of which Daniel Bryan started the show proclaiming he would be a part of the fray –


The Intercontinental Title was soon front and center on the best show on Thursday night as R-Truth flaunted the coveted championship on the ramp with every other participant in the upcoming contest sharing a spot inside the squared circle. Before the British champion could chase after the rapping Superstar, though, an all-out brawl broke out, with the “Yes!” Man, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler clearing the ring of Barrett, Stardust and Luke Harper.

The rollercoaster ride that is the Intercontinental Title chase reached fast and furious levels in SmackDown’s Six-Man Tag Team Match main event. And amid the chaos in the contest’s final moments, Daniel Bryan tagged himself in on Dolph Ziggler and hit a Running Knee on Luke Harper to pick up the victory for his team in the battle of Ladder Match participants.

The feel-good moment would not last long, however. The Showoff and Dean Ambrose seemed to take exception to The Beard attracting all the glory during a post-match interview with Michael Cole, with both Superstars calling the “Yes!” Man a “turd.” Can the pursuit for the Intercontinental Title get any crazier?


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News & Media Update for March 10, 2015
Posted On: Mar 10, 2015 | By: BNZ Correspondent Tiffany | Under: Magazines and Media,News Update | Comment

Detroit is no stranger to bad news; in fact the entire city has a reputation of bad news – that’s why Bad News Barrett was so welcome in the city today! BNB visited several media outlets today to promote tonight’s SmackDown taping as well as the upcoming Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match at WrestleMania 31 –

Bad News Barrett on WJBK Fox News 2 Detroit

Bad News Barrett with Bushman of WJLB 98 Detroit – Listen here and here; check out the video below!

Bad News Barrett on the Ryan & Rico Podcast on Detroit Sports 105.1

Bad News Barrett on WRIF Detroit‘s Meltdown

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