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Wade Barrett
Name: Wade Barrett
Birthday: August 10, 1980
Ring Names: Bad News Barrett, Wade Barrett, Stu Bennett, Stu Sanders, Lawrence Knight
Short Biography: Stuart Alexander "Stu" Bennett is an English professional wrestler, signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (under the SmackDown brand) as Wade Barrett and is a five-time WWE Intercontinental Champion as well as 2015 King of the Ring. After honing his skills in Florida Championship Wrestling, Wade Barrett went on to win Season One of WWE NXT in May 2010. Barrett rose to power, notoriety, and dominance as the founding leader of the Nexus for the latter half of 2010 and from early to mid-2011 formed (and later disbanded) another alliance, the Corre, during his first reign as WWE Intercontinental champion. The latter part of 2011 saw the Barrett Barrage propel the English superstar to his greatest height thus far as a single competitor. (Continued)
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SmackDown Results: May 21, 2015
Posted On: May 21, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Digital Photos,Smackdown!,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Norfolk, Virginia – King Barrett still rules over all despite tonight’s setback on SmackDown against the Showoff Dolph Ziggler. The throne remains in good, strong hands!

Dolph Ziggler def. King Barrett
Capitalizing on a pair of King Barrett’s missed Royal Bull Hammers, Dolph Ziggler caused the the monarch to fall with the Zig Zag.


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Raw Results for May 18, 2015
Posted On: May 18, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Digital Photos,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Richmond, VA – King Barrett got his “payback” after last night’s ending to his pay-per-view match versus Neville. The WWE’s Once and True King was able to prove his royal worthiness tonight on RAW.


King Barrett also announced his spot in WWE’s Elimination Chamber Match via the WWE App.

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WWE Payback 2015 Results
Posted On: May 17, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Pay-Per-View,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

BALTIMORE — Neville’s uprising against King Barrett’s ruthless rule soared to new heights at WWE Payback, as The Man That Gravity Forgot defeated WWE’s King of the Ring by Count Out and delivered a spectacular post-match Red Arrow to the royal Superstar.


Neville def. King Barrett
Despite successfully bull hammering his way past The Man That Gravity Forgot at WWE King of the Ring Live, it was the electric Neville who got a taste of payback on this evening. The electrifying Superstar got off to a quick start in this contest of British born competitors, but Barrett soon gained control of the bout thanks to his powerful striking offense. Delivering a brutal array of kicks, knees and punches, the chiseled King successfully grounded the high-flying Neville.


Unfortunately for Bad News Barrett, even the King of the Ring couldn’t hold down The New Sensation, as a resolute Neville fought back with an energized attack. Barrett rolled out of the ring to avoid Neville’s spectacular Red Arrow, but the King was unable to escape harm’s way as Neville performed an awesome over-the-top-rope dive onto his foe, injuring both Barrett and himself.

A determined Neville climbed back into the ring, but Barrett instead chose to remain outside the ring as the referee counted to 10, handing the less than fulfilling victory to a frustrated Neville. The cunning King was not done with the fight; however, as he interrupted his opponent’s celebration, tossing the sensational Superstar from the ring .

The speedy Superstar would not let the King get the last laugh on this night though, countering a potential knockout blow with the septor into an impressive german suplex. Then, Neville hit the King with a Red Arrow of royal proportions.

With Neville’s determined fight against King Barrett’s monarchy gaining momentum, what’s next for these British rivals?

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Media Update Later

News and Media Update for May 14, 2015
Posted On: May 14, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Digital Photos,Magazines and Media,News Update,Smackdown!,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Check out these recent interviews featuring His Majesty speaking to talkSPORT as well as MTV UK:


King Barrett Speaks to Gorilla Position of talkSPORT

King Barrett and Finn Balor Interview Each Other for MTV UK

SmackDown Results for May 14, 2015

Neville def. Bo Dallas (King Barrett on commentary)

As Bo Dallas walked to the ring to face Neville, he expressed his desire to fill the void left by Daniel Bryan and insulted WWE’s “Yes!” Man in the process.

But with King Barrett joining the SmackDown commentators, Dallas ultimately proved no match for the earth-shattering Red Arrow of “The Man That Gravity Forgot.” Moments after the bell, King Barrett promised “corporal punishment” for Neville at WWE Payback in the form of a royal Bull Hammer.


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News & Media for May 11, 2015
Posted On: May 11, 2015 | By: Dame Tiffany of Wasteland | Under: Digital Photos,Magazines and Media,News Update,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

King Barrett is such a handsome devil that even TMZ can’t keep their eyes off of this hot commodity – check out their selection of photos of WWE’s highest-ranking majesty!

Raw Results for May 11, 2015

King Barrett def. Dolph Ziggler

Make no mistake, King Barrett is watching his throne. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Sheamus is also watching his back from commentary, but “The Bloody King” got his reign back on track after Neville & Dolph Ziggler one-upped him last week on SmackDown. The Showoff wasn’t about to quietly assume the role of Barrett’s “Royal Arse-Kisser,” superkicking the monarch before he’d even shed his cape for a near-fall, forcing Barrett to battle back from underneath.

Even that wasn’t quite enough, as Ziggler thwarted the Bull Hammer by superkicking Barrett in the elbow and rammed him shoulder-first into the ring post. Sensing disaster for the King, Sheamus rushed to the ring and distracted Ziggler, allowing Barrett to capitalize by thumping him with another Bull Hammer for the win. The Celtic Warrior cleaned up after his King, bestowing a beating upon The Showoff after the bell, ending with a Brogue Kick that all but knocked Ziggler back to the feudal ages.

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