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September 16-18 - Bangalore, Karnataka: India Promotional Tour

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News update for September 16, 2014
Posted On: Sep 16, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: Magazines and Media,News Update | Comment

Brought to you by various anti-anxiety medications and all the loveliness that comes with it…we have GOOD news from India! Bad News Barrett arrived safely to promote WWE in India this week, and Our Shorveer did not disappoint at all!

Courtesy of WWEIndia and Mihir Joshi: Photos from the Bangalore session -

Bad News Barrett has also done an interview with SportsKeeda on various topics -

Q: You have been out of action for quite a long time now with your shoulder injury. When can we expect you to be in the ring?
Yes, I have been out for a while. I’m going through my recovery phase right now. It has been great, I’m feeling great. I will be back probably by December, with WWE doing their European tour this winter.

On 2K15: Q: Will you be saying your catchphrase “I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News” in the game?
I will be. Actually, it is really important because I’ve in the game for a few years now. Since 2010, I’ve been the game every year, but this is the first time, I’m actually in it as Bad News Barrett. So, yeah, it’s pretty cool for me that this new character that I’ve been doing has been doing so well, fans have responded to it pretty well. And, now I’m in the 2K15 video game as Bad News Barrett, so that’s pretty big in itself.

Read the whole article here and get the full audio interview here!

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Busy Days Ahead for BNB, Weekend News Update
Posted On: Sep 07, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: Magazines and Media,News Update | Comment

Our Hero is not letting his recuperation hinder his man-about-town style! Bad News Barrett has had a busy week and even more full days ahead.

Radio personality Sam Roberts published this past week his recent interview with BNB -

Then BNB appeared later this week at the Producer’s Ball media event in Toronto where he represented WWE and hobnobbed with the good people of the entertainment industry. Thanks to TV host Rachel David, Swati Bhattvyas, and Danielle for sharing photos from the event!

If that’s not enough, Our Hero and WWE Total Diva Rosa Mendes were in CT representing WWE at the Women’s Expo this past Saturday! SO many fans turned out to get some good news from Bad News, and you can check out the multitude of fans on our Twitter feed!

A huge thanks to Brian Chaires for posting this great shot from yesterday’s appearance -

And a very special thanks to Mitzi for sharing her autograph and photos from the Connecticut event! This was her first time meeting Bad News Barrett and she had a great time meeting him!

And there’s even more good news for people who love Bad News – especially our friends of the Indian WWE Universe! Bad News Barrett will be appearing next week from September 16-18 in Mumbai and Bangalore to do promotional work for WWE. Despite the injury, this is an exciting time, comrades – you know how much Our Hero loves Indian food!

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News & Media Update for August 31, 2014
Posted On: Aug 31, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: Magazines and Media,News Update | Comment

Bad News Barrett made his return on this week’s JBL and Cole Show! Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell makes an appearance as well -

Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald also had a chance to speak with BNB about his injury and also his preferred WWE Superstars to watch -

The time away from WWE has given him a chance to watch the product from strictly a viewer’s perspective. He enjoys watching Bray Wyatt.

“For me, he is definitely one of the guys I would look at as the future,” Barrett said. “What a unique guy and amazingly talented in the ring. I think his character is just so unique within the world of WWE that you can’t help but to take notice. So he is a guy who I enjoy a lot.

“Another I like is Roman Reigns. He has the potential to be the next top, top guy, which only happens once in a generation. With this generation, he kind of has everything on paper to be that guy. Fingers crossed for his development. I think he has a great head on his shoulders. He is a great athlete and a good attitude. Everyone seems to like him in the locker room, which is pretty rare in itself. If he keeps developing the way he has, I can see him being the guy who is pulling the whole train along.”

Check out the whole article here!

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Bad News Barrett Accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge & Other Weekend Media
Posted On: Aug 24, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: Magazines and Media,News Update | Comment

Check out this IGN segment with correspondent Tim Gettys and Bad News Barrett on the 8 Most Epic WWE Moments -

Also, Our Hero is not one to renege on a challenge! After the gauntlet was thrown by Preston North End’s Kevin Davies, Bad News Barrett accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help spread awareness for the affectation…but who was that strange blue man?

BNB also spoke with GamerHub TV about WWE 2K15 during SummerSlam weekend - (and check out WWE’s photos from the 2K15 panel!)

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Bad News Barrett at WWE 2K15 Panel and Other Media in Los Angeles
Posted On: Aug 16, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: Magazines and Media,News Update | Comment

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news – I cancelled my Summerslam trip because of Our Hero’s injury and didn’t know he’d be making a trip to Los Angeles for Summerslam as well as the WWE 2K15 roster reveal! However, Bad News Barrett did not disappoint at all – he’s made it known to the world that he will indeed be a part of the video game’s official roster!

BNB has done several interviews during SummerSlam weekend, including this one with Between the Ropes -

More interviews from SummerSlam weekend are to come!

In other news, if you missed BNB’s IGN appearances, don’t worry! They’re still available to view online here!

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