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Weekend Update: BNB Returns to Survivor Series Kickoff, Media Appearances, The Future Ahead
Posted On: Nov 23, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: Digital Photos,Gallery Update,Magazines and Media,News Update,Pay-Per-View,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Mihir Joshi of The MJ Show recently spoke with Bad News Barrett about his upcoming return to the WWE and the future ahead –


#BNB also was on hand at tonight’s Survivor Series Kickoff, presenting his own take on the main event situation and all that falls thereafter –

survivorserieskickoff 49
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News and Media Update for November 17, 2014
Posted On: Nov 17, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: Magazines and Media,News Update,Pay-Per-View,RAW,Television Recap,WWE.com | Comment

Bad News Barrett has been on the run with the media and having a great time promoting WrestleMania 31 this past week! Our Hero is only a few mere weeks away from his grand return to the big stage, so now is the time to get excited indeed.

BNB spent time in the industrious Silicon Valley along with other WWE Superstars in touring various media news outlets to spread the word about WrestleMania 31 (get your TICKETS now!). Bad News Barrett and WWE Legend Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart were on hand in California this past week during WWE’s WrestleMania media blitz (thanks to Deuce Mason, Danielle Taormina, Michael Newman, Natasha Lee, Monika Diaz, Terry Hagz, and Joe Villa for sharing photos on social media!


The party wasn’t over in California by a long shot! This past Friday, Bad News Barrett along with Daniel Bryan, Rosa Mendes, and a host of other WWE Superstars hosted the WrestleMania 31 Ticket Sales Party where fans got to meet and greet Our Hero on the same day they could purchase tickets for the WWE’s biggest show of them all! Check out the twitter feed for a glimpse of the happy fans who got to say hello to BNB!


Today, Bad News Barrett visited Big Al Sams of V1011 FM to see if Al could get any assistance or tips from Our Hero, the Master…

And last but not least, expect good news as far as correct and proper commentary on this year’s Survivor Series Superstar Panel! Bad News Barrett along with Fandango, Rosa Mendes, and Paul Heyman will provide their thoughts on the annual holiday bash. This will mark Our Hero’s return to television after a long drought, and we’ll all get to see it free via the WWE Network – be sure to order today!


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#BNB Media Appearances Last Week in Canada
Posted On: Nov 10, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: Magazines and Media,News Update | Comment

However sorely missed on the current European tour, Bad News Barrett is never one to keep away from the news in general for too long! Despite injury preventing the bare-knuckle brawler from attending recent shows in his homeland, BNB has been in Toronto to speak with various media outlets about his return in upcoming weeks as well as his predictions and passions for football.

Thanks to SportsNet and WWE Aftermath TV for sharing photos! Check out photos from Aftermath & media from BNB’s appearance on SportsNet below!

In other news, BNB along with Daniel Bryan and other WWE Superstars are scheduled to appear in Santa Clara, CA this weekend to kick off ticket sales for WrestleMania 31 – (Source: Wrestling Inc.)

WWE has announced a WrestleMania 31 On-Sale Party for Friday, November 14th from 6pm until 9pm at Intel Plaza inside Levi’s Stadium. Tickets officially go on sale the next morning.
Stars scheduled to appear include Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barrett, Charlotte, Tyler Breeze, Rosa Mendes, Booker T, Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart. The event will be hosted by NXT’s Corey Graves and Fan Axxess emcee Christian Litke.

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WWE Covers BNB’s Trip to India & TenSports Interview
Posted On: Sep 28, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: News Update | Comment

Sharing photos of his recent trip to India, WWE.com caught footage of Bad News Barrett coaching a football game with youngsters.

Akhilesh of TenSports.com spoke with BNB during the India tour –

What was the first thing that made you realize you were in India? Any special instance that stands out from your trip so far? And how has the experience been?
BNB: The first thing that really stood out when I landed in India was the kind of outfits that people wear here when they’re working; like in the US and the UK way I’m used to where they wear jeans and T – Shirt and shorts or something like that. But here they were extravagant outfits with a lot of gold on, with crazy hats and things like that. So I noticed that right after I stepped out of the plane. I had seen people in very wild outfits, which I thought was cool. And in terms of the experience out here, it’s been great to me. So many Indian fans who are so obsessive about the WWE and I’m talking about the mall appearances and bars, and things like that. Just to know that there are so many crazy fans out here in India who love WWE has been a really cool experience, and that really stood out to me.

How was it for you as a superstar to be involved with the biggest name in the business today, John Cena, right after debuting on the main roster?
BNB: That was a pretty intense period in my life, to go from being pretty much an unknown wrestler, which I had been for 6 years at that point since I’ve started wrestling to suddenly get the opportunity to go out there and be a main event level character, and be the guy that’s opening up every RAW on the microphone and closing every RAW, wrestling all the top stars and beating up John Cena, which is a huge jump for me to go from that unknown around the world; I wasn’t recognized to immediately being one of the most important guys on the show. So it was a pretty intense period in my life, but I also loved every second of it. It was what essentially I was aiming to do, what I had sacrificed for, for over 6 – 7 years in my career to get to that point. So, to get that payoff, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders; so I didn’t really feel the pressure much. I was just enjoying the reactions we were getting and I knew it was working. Everything we did was working perfectly, so that felt good.

Regarding the way how the whole angle played out, do you think Nexus could’ve been booked better towards the end of the feud?
BNB: Yeah, 100%. I think there was definitely more life left in Nexus at the time. If I had been in charge, I wouldn’t have ended it like it ended. But then again, we got great opportunities for young superstars to come into the WWE, make a huge impact and then 4 or 5 years down the line, most of us are still around, and most of us are still making a very good living in the WWE, and are involved in great angles. So I don’t really look at it in a negative way; I think we were very fortunate to get that opportunity, and I’m also very grateful for the fact that Nexus came along when it did. I wish it could’ve gone a bit longer, but I think there’s always that appetite left for people where they want to see some more of Nexus. They know it didn’t end the way it should’ve ended, and I think there’s always a potential in the future where we could bring it back. So we’ll have to see how that goes.

Listen to more BNB –
Interview with Bad News Barrett

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Bad News Barrett Tours India, Speaks on Return and on Fellow WWE Superstars
Posted On: Sep 16, 2014 | By: Tiffany | Under: Magazines and Media,News Update | Comment

Brought to you by various anti-anxiety medications and all the loveliness that comes with it…we have GOOD news from India! Bad News Barrett arrived safely to promote WWE in India this week, and Our Shorveer did not disappoint at all!

Courtesy of WWEIndia and Mihir Joshi: Photos from the Bangalore session -

Bad News Barrett has also done an interview with SportsKeeda on various topics –

Q: You have been out of action for quite a long time now with your shoulder injury. When can we expect you to be in the ring?
Yes, I have been out for a while. I’m going through my recovery phase right now. It has been great, I’m feeling great. I will be back probably by December, with WWE doing their European tour this winter.

On 2K15: Q: Will you be saying your catchphrase “I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News” in the game?
I will be. Actually, it is really important because I’ve in the game for a few years now. Since 2010, I’ve been the game every year, but this is the first time, I’m actually in it as Bad News Barrett. So, yeah, it’s pretty cool for me that this new character that I’ve been doing has been doing so well, fans have responded to it pretty well. And, now I’m in the 2K15 video game as Bad News Barrett, so that’s pretty big in itself.

Read the whole article here and get the full audio interview here!

More from Mumbai – thanks to as well as !


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